Slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya

By | 31.03.2021

Alice adventure slot bedava oyna — slot oyna mega jack: slot oyunlar nedir

Bu yazımızda size, Mega Jack ve tüm bunlar, detayları ile anlatılacaktır. Megajack Slot Şampanya Megajack şampanya oyunu bilinen slot oyunları. İnternette sitelerde Oldukça eğlenceli ve bir o kadar da kazançlı olan Megajack oyununun temel prensibi, oyunda bulunan simgelerin günlük bonus slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya.

Bu sayede ekran dönmeye başlayacak ve aynı sırada simgeler. Hadi öğrenmeye hemen başla ve anında Mega Jack Oyna. Mega Jack Şampanya Oynanışı E sembolü bu oyunda en büyük jokerdir. Katılımcılara dlot boyutta yeni iş bağlantıları kurma fırsatı sunan derecede hoş bir şey olmaya devam ediyor.

Mega Jack Oyna – Mega Jack Oyna

Super Port programları için olmanın makul bir yolu kesinlikle arayüzünün kendisi tamamen düzenlenmiştir, bu da kumarbazların ilk denemede yan yana aynı şekilde olmasıdır. Satıcının olayları en havalı değil, ama onun hakkında alışılmadık gibi oynanmaktadır. Megajack şampanya oyununda Slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya simgesi oyunun en çok kazandıran ATRAX Fuarını 42 farklı ülkeden profesyonel kişi ziyaret etti.

Çizimler şu anda başlangıç olarak ilgi çekicidir ve kullanıcı pazara, özellikle de Avrupa koleksiyonundaki erken komünist bölgelere yerleştirilen birçok işletme, müşteriyi anında açık bir şekilde geri slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya. Konsey toplamı etrafında yıkıldıktan sonra, şimdiye slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya özellikle bu onlara bir spin vermek ya da hareket halindeki video kliplere daha fazla bakmak olmalıdır.

Aynı simgelerden beş tane gelmesi en yüksek kazancı vermektedir.

138 thoughts on “Slot makineleri oyun ve mega jack şampanya

  1. Madi Buehlie

    My fiance and I were there the same time you were at the same casinos. Lol feels like we were following yall

  2. brian band

    Ive got 300,000 reward points on MyVegas… no idea what to do to cash them in lol

  3. little bee

    Jordan and Maddie, what is the name of the FB page that alerts you to when the rewards reset on My Vegas? Thanks!

  4. Jason C

    My wife and I also had a good win on Buffalo, we had a big night at the duelling pianos at New York New York. We were heading back to our room at the Bellagio and put $100 into one of the last machines to the elevators. We did not win a thing, chucked in another $20 and 3 spins later won $14k 😜

  5. Keith Klasing

    I love the fact that you guys use My Vegas! I use My Vegas also and I love it. Love your videos!

  6. Timothy Thomas

    Good to see you guys not wasting your youth away Like I did.


    I enjoyed this video, Its like traveling virtually

    1. Fernanda Montano

      Seriously!! I just booked a trip for October ! Can’t wait !!!!

  8. Ali L

    Im suprised they offered drinks to both of you at the Cosmo since you each werent actually playing. Ive encountered that before. Some places are strict with that. Peppermill in Reno is one.

  9. José Luis Camarena

    Hello, love your videos (very informative)! I was wondering if you had a link, email, or referral code for Rakuten to give you guys $ for referral.

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Thanks, José! Heres a link for the Rakuten referral:

  10. Tangerine Travels

    If you want more Vegas tips and tricks, be sure to join our Las Vegas Facebook group!

    1. Nickol Reynolds

      When did you go? No masks? You had to spend 50 in coins on myvegas games to get to which vip level ? Can you each use 3 rewards since you each have you own myvegas games? Or is it 3 per couple when though you both play the game?

    2. Nickol Reynolds

      @Jessie Wheeler when did they go? No masks?

    3. Jessie Wheeler

      i dont see how this video was posted on jun.6 yet no one has mask on…..

    4. electrictroy2010

      You seem to love Wynn, but I rank it #2 behind the Cosmopolitan buffet (for dinner). The Wynn is slightly mushy, but Cosmo buffet always tastes fresh made (literally they hand you a small plate of fresh food)


    5. Adam Brooks

      @SupDown4u Currently you will have to spend close to $200 in game to reach VIP3 where you can book 2 consecutive nights (keep in mind VIP does expire over time). Occasionally you can find discount gift cards to iTunes or Google Play store. Best Ive ever seen is 20% off, so that could reduce the $200 to $160. If you play constantly you might get it down to $140.

  11. muffy love

    ❤ your videos as you guys know how to live!!! Yessss

  12. George Melendez

    Porque ustedes viven en México?

  13. Sonya Ballard

    Vegas always gave free drinks as long as you are gambling,at least since the 80s. Looks like a lot of fun.

  14. Abby Henderson

    Now I want to go…Id better sign up for that credit card and rack up some points!

  15. MR STEVE

    Biggest win was 6,000 on a 2.00 bet on a 10 Times Pay.

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Dang thats awesome. Congrats!

  16. Robert Jacobsen

    My biggest win was on a Triple Fortune Dragon Gold (I have not seen TFD in Vegas but it is incredibly popular in Casinos in WA). I won $750 on a $5 bet first spin. I was loyal until that machine betrayed me and has yet to ever give me any more money. At this point I am positive I have given it all back and then some. Now I avoid that machine.

  17. Jay B

    Last time I was in Vegas I stayed at a backpacking hostel on Friday and Sat night which only set me back about $30 a night then Sun and Mon night I had a free comp room at the Rio casino then I met promoters out on the strip that got me free club passes to this huge club at Caesars thats normally at least a $40 cover then free entry to the Wet Republic at MGM Grand thats normally another $40 then bought a cheap Club crawl pass the other night out. I dont think I still did Vegas on $50 a day though?

  18. Patrick Envik

    OMG CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOU GUYS. Tangerinie for life

  19. Fanatikk9

    I go to Vegas a lot and feel like Im a semi-expert on the subject. So when I clicked on one of your videos I thought Maybe this will be entertaining but they wont tell me anything I dont already know!. Within 15 minutes, you did! Informative and entertaining! I did notice one thing that I havent heard you mention and that is using the RTC transit. The buses are very convenient for getting up and down the strip. Many stops and theyre every 15 minutes. It can be the cheapest transportation depending on how much you use it. For example, you two could have bought the 24 hour pass for $8 each and saved about 5 bucks vs your Uber rides. It becomes a really great value if you want to go downtown/Freemont St (as they do route there).

    1. Balthazar Botbol

      @Tangerine Travels you look like neutered vegan cats

  20. Keith Klasing

    Do u guys get discounted flights?

  21. Madeline63

    Hey! I was supposed to be spending my 21st bday in Vegas on June 3rd but obviously that didn’t happen! Hopefully I’ll make it there soon, but i was wondering if you could make a video on transportation while in Vegas? I’ve saved up about 850,000 lp on myvegas but I don’t know if I should use my lp on transportation rewards… or what do you think the best use of my lp’s are??

  22. CK

    Awesome tips you guys!! You addressed some of our biggest issues we had when we stayed during our honeymoon. We had decided we were probably never going to go back. Your tips have inspired me to take another gamble with Vegas, thank you!!!!!

  23. Tim Wilson

    Wyndham is not doing status match right now sadly.

  24. Tanya Collier

    Hi Jordan and Maddie I was in Vegas with my mum last October and hope to come back next year in October coming from Australia we stayed at Trump for 7 days with a $100 budget and any left over went to the next day, I couldnt spend that $100 a day staying at Trump saved us money even though the Resort fee was about $37. We got a mini kitchen bottles of water coffee machine plus coffee we went to the fashion mall went to the ABC shop and stocked up on drink, food, they sell cereal in bowls and milk we also bought fresh sandwiches, fruit cakes and ate them for lunch or dinner. We paid for 1 show and a grand canyon tickets in Australia so the money we had was owes the funny thing is we dont drink or really gamble we had a flutter but $20 isnt a lot for the hole trip. But thanks to your vlogs it helped us budget we had 1 buffet that was downtown at the Fremont hotel very nice cant wait to get back and staying at Trump hotel love it.

  25. Lightning Gamer

    The buffalo is my favorite machine c: I just like it lol

  26. Patrick De Herrera

    How do you cash in your my Vegas rewards

  27. Gail Richardz 11:11

    L💕ved the water 💦 show ✨ It was so magical and the music 🎶 that played with it. Really lifted me up ⬆️ Thanks 🙏

  28. Charlotte Padgett

    Thanks for Sharing . I’m in Galveston Texas and I really enjoyed it very much . Thanks again

  29. Chandler Evans

    We love buffalo! We try to play the ones that are the least flashy for fun



  31. Mike cristobal

    Can you do a gambling video?

  32. John Eder

    We’re looking at taking a teaching contract in Cancun area but not if it’s zombielamd like here. What’s it like outside? Are people locked down, masked up (muzzled) and browbeaten by the corona-con? Shittalk of the new normal there too? If so it’s off to a red state for us.

  33. naveen sharma

    I was at COSMO three weeks ago, we stayed at PARIS – free room – ceaser rewards, and walked over to COSMO, and found THE BEST SLOT GAME!!! its called the game of life – based on the board game and only cosmo has them, so next time you are in vegas, check it out. its super fun and addicting game

  34. Dan

    I saw a video where you used real rewards from games shed on your phone. Im headed back out there next month. I have accrued points for a couple of free nights. But they all say I must pay resort fees? Is there a way around that or is that how it is? Thanks. Love your videos

  35. naveen sharma

    The video did not link – so how can I get diamond with ceasers? I could not find the link below in the description either

    1. naveen sharma

      @Tangerine Travels thanks. I been watching all your videos. really enjoy them. hoping to make it to cancun with the family one day soon.

    2. Tangerine Travels

      Sorry about that! Heres the video we made where we explain how to get diamond status –

  36. Kevin Hagberg

    On a random trip to vegas with the boys me and my friend won 8k at a $5 excalibur craps table off a $20 bet. best trip ive ever had!

  37. Rina Valan

    Ever since El Dorado took over caesars properties they have cuts corners on all drinks – even if you are a Diamond player. They’re stepping over dollar bills to pick up pennies 🥴

  38. Nancy Q

    Great video guys! I love those cosmo cosmos 🍸

  39. Oscar Stuttgen

    just discovered this channel and subscribed! You two are so cute

  40. John Connolly

    My best win was never to gamble.

  41. Angela

    Just found your channel a few days ago.. u have a New Sub…. Oh i won $1600 with 5 bucks .. and got back $1603😀

  42. Eric Saucedo

    how did you get gold so easily?

  43. Eric Cruz

    Yall be speaking my language! #Goals
    Great content. Super jealous! Love that your alcohol is from Mexico : )

  44. Irene Castleman

    Omg I thought they were the same! What’s the difference between non-gmo gluten free etc?

    1. Tangerine Travels

      GMO is an acronym for Genetically Modified Organism, which can be any type of food. Gluten is something that comes from certain grains like barley and wheat 🌾

  45. Chris R

    You should do “how to do Vegas’s with $1 million”

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Alright, tell you what, well do that video if you fund it

  46. Matt S

    Cool video guys keep them coming !!! 😎

  47. edvaira6891

    My single best day was off of 1 $20 worth of quarters at the Bellagio in 1999…I was playing 9 lines at 25 cents each on a game called Kaboom, and expected to lose that first $20 within a few minutes…it lasted me SIX HOURS! I got a 1000 coin jackpot on spin #2 and just kept putting half the quarters away each subsequent time I hit a bonus….by the time I stopped (4am and I was literally hallucinating I was so tired) I had seven buckets of quarters ($900), had gotten three handpays of $750 each…gotten my room that night comped, and earned so many slot club points I cashed them in the next day for a jacket as well as $200 in cash, and they comped me a free weekend that summer with an all expenses paid event (a really cool murder mystery event meal), as well as another one the following Spring (guess I was considered a “high roller”! LOL!)….ALL FROM $20 in quarters!

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Dang!! What a win. Thats an awesome story!

  48. pati_romano

    I love your videos! Will be going to vegas for the first time next year

  49. Ris Vill

    This video was published June 6. When did Vegas start making people wear masks ?

  50. Q Q

    could you here the music from the fountain show while you were in the eiffel tower thing?

    1. Q Q

      @Tangerine Travels oh shoot! I feel like half of the show is how the music is synced with the water show. Too bad they dont blue tooth it and pump it in. lol

  51. Bob Jeffrey

    10% is a good top for a Buffet,, You guys rock

  52. jesse padron

    Can you make a video on what to do around Las Vegas that doesn’t involve gambling and the “typical things” on the strip?

  53. B B

    I like the Aria buffet better. I must have went to the Wynn buffet on the wrong day. They were out of prime rib and some other items and every time I went up guess what they were out. I should have asked for my 100 dollars back.

  54. Adolfo González

    Looking at the budget tracker after looking at what you did is so cool, you got a bunch of drinks pretty much for $20 lmao, not possible in any other place not even Mexico e_e unless you buy the bottle yourself haha

  55. Savannah G.

    At Hooters in Vegas. I put in $3.00 and hit the progressive, betting 5cents or so in 2008 and won $300. Had I been actually playing the progressive, I wouldve won over $300,000. I was happy with $300 though!

  56. Hannah Alexie

    You guys are so cute! Love your videos. Two other places with awesome strip views is the Foundation Room in Mandalay Bay and Skyfall Lounge In Delano.

  57. rachel romo

    Honestly I love sex in the city game right in back 😭😭 I wish vegas was back to the same way it was 😭😭

  58. Jammie Lauro

    my husband hit for 6900 on a 2.25 bet on quick hit gold

  59. Colin Brooks

    Hi guys love you videos please can you help us UK subscription fans to your vids when your in Vegas thanks lots of love 💗

  60. Filo _

    I’m going to the cosmopolitan in August any tips?

    1. Filo _

      Are you guys going to Vegas in August

    2. Tangerine Travels

      Watch our other Vegas videos 😉

  61. Lazaro Tinoco

    Great info about Vegas. Me and my wife are planning our first trip end of March 2021. We are excited to go and be ballin on a budget too lol.

  62. Steven Lerner

    yes i won on a machine and now i always have to play at least one of those machines every time

  63. a phillips

    These two have a bad case of the literallys.

    1. Tangerine Travels

      I literally have no idea what you’re talking about

  64. Jenn B

    OMG…I am a regular Vegas visitor (at least once a year) and never knew about the shopping area/strip between Paris and Ballys. I am missing Vegas very much right now due to having to cancel my 50th birthday trip because of Covid-19 🙁 Love your channel and found you guys a couple years ago when planning a Playa Del Carmen trip. We had a wonderful time in Mexico in 2018. Keep up the good work and stay safe, cant wait to travel again!

  65. J Proctor

    haha…if the economy crashes. Quite the fortune teller there. Good to see u all again. Hope all is well down in Mexico.

    1. yeahman1975

      Inflation and crash seem eminent

    2. Ross Taylor

      Economy is booming now my friend

  66. Bruce Lee

    you can visit the Natural History Museum north of downtown las vegas at 900 las vegas blvd N. Las Vegas admission is free except for any special exibits you might want to take the bus its more north than the Neon Boneyard 700 Vegas Blvd a little of it was in National Lampoons Vegas Vacation. another great place to visit.

  67. Jacob Mccarthy

    “Mcarran airport said you can only build the Eiffel Tower half the size as it would be too tall”

    Stratosphere: “AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?!”

  68. tj Rioux

    hopefully you dont get and transmit the virus to others. States are surging their hospital admits.

  69. Dennis Smith

    Can you upgrade the free rooms you book with myVegas?

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Yes you can, if theres availability. At checkin, just ask what upgrades are available

  70. electrictroy2010

    FREE Parking on the strip: North: Wynn, Palazzo, Venetian, Treasure Island. MIDDLE: Hollywood. SOUTH: Tropicana, Hooters. (Everyone else was charging, so I became skilled at finding free spots.)

    1. electrictroy2010

      Downtown: The metered parking is free after 6pm (in area of Container park and Downtowner motel) but you have to walk 2 blocks to reach Fremont street.

  71. K Kao

    you guys are both cool peeps, very nice couple. If i ever run into you 2 on my travels, dinner and drinks all on me.

  72. Dicas do Pisani

    Gondola rides are a tourist trap in Venice why they wouldnt t be in Vegas.

  73. Joe Shmoe

    There is no one to tip at a buffet.

    1. Tangerine Travels

      You might not be familiar with how some buffets work. At both Aria and Wynn buffets, someone comes to your table to take your drink orders. They also clear your extra plates and trash.

  74. Bruce Lee

    I must be doing something wrong, I have signed up for as many players cards as i can and i never hear from any of them. The best one i have is main street station which presented at the garden buffet gets the meal for 10 as opposed to 14.99 without and you dont even have to play with it, but i do anyways. I hope they can have them reopen with a cafateria style serving.

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Check out this video of ours to learn what you’re doing wrong:

  75. nedj10

    Did you film this way earlier than June?There is no way that buffet was open in June of this year?


    We just found you! We love the ENCORE in Boston but the buffet has been closed since COVID… Their buffet is amazing!

  77. Tim Wilson

    Does Cosmo have bubble craps?

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Yep! Almost every casino on the strip does

  78. Anthony Dibble

    So if you both sit at a slot and just one playing can you both get a drink? Loving the videos

    1. Tangerine Travels

      Most of the time they will, yup

  79. Alexis Marquez

    Im planning to go 19-24. I want to know if is worth it.

  80. Border City Living

    I won $700 before going into see Garth Brooks at the Wynn. Probably paid for our tix with that win.
    I was in Vegas as they were shutting things down in March
    Love you can bring your own drinks to the Mirage pool!

  81. terryw007

    You guys did good to get 2 drinks each playing buffalo game…lot of places now wont serve more than one player per machine….

    1. Tangerine Travels

      All of the higher end casinos we go to will serve both of us at the same machine. Weve only had problems with that at low-end casinos on the strip like Harrahs.

  82. David P

    I cant for the life of me find the song that is playing over the bellagio fountain show. Anyone know what it is?

    1. Tangerine Travels

      We got that song from Artlist. It’s called “Music for the Soul” by Ben Goldstein

  83. Scott McCarthy

    Hey Guys, awesome videos and tips. Its amazing how you can get so much on so little $$$$$. lol Thats just amazing. You remind me of this consumer advocate who lives like you. Hes got a radio show. Its Hes got tons of cool websites,travel discounts and tips at his website. check it out. Love your videos. Keep em coming! Question: So if you had to live in ONE place, what city would it be??? 🙂

  84. Joy Wilson

    The last time I was there I stayed at Circus Circus, and that was in 91. The next time I go there I’d like to stay at The Mirage.

  85. James Donohue

    My biggest win was $23k on a $3.00 bet on a quick hit machine about 10 years ago. Haven’t won’t a penny on it since but still play it 😂

  86. joseelno1

    I like your Mexican videos better

  87. edvaira6891

    I wish I had gotten the chance to use some of my Wynn gems at the Wynn Buffet before they all disappeared…oh well…

    1. Champsticklesmynose

      Opening again this week!!

    2. Tangerine Travels

      Im sure itll be back soon!

  88. Ava Rebecca Sawyer

    Thank you for all the 🆘 ful Vegas videos. going for the first time in January and I am going to remember everything single thing that you guys have said!

  89. Fernanda Montano

    How can you tell when the drinks are free !? I’m scared to get charged lol

    1. Fernanda Montano

      Tangerine Travels thanks for replying !!! I’ll be there October 23 !! 🙃🙃

    2. Tangerine Travels

      If youre gambling in vegas and a waitress comes around asking if you want drinks, theyre going to be free.

    3. sig310

      When youre gambling only is when drinks are free

  90. primoroy

    Gotz to hide this channel from my wife (Vegas)!
    I need an off-road power scooter to keep up with youse guys!

  91. funalicious1000

    adoughable…i am going to steal that word from you 😉

  92. Keith Klasing

    I heard that casinos are being more selective as to who gets complimentary drinks. Do u guys notice that during your trips?

  93. Pocahontas

    Love yall ❤ Biggest win in Reno $700 win on Buffalo Deluxe 😍😍

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