Malina casino çevrimiçi

By | 30.09.2020

Malina casino çevrimiçi started his legal career as state counsel, rising Accessibility is always going to be a challenge in.

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14 thoughts on “Malina casino çevrimiçi

  1. ТОП Крупных Выигрышей

    Nice won mr

  2. Moments Dubai

    This game looks nice! Will definitely try it 🤓

  3. Max L

    You are very lucky, saw another video where you won 4007 on the same game.

    1. Max L

      @SlainCasino ok will give them a try

    2. SlainCasino

      @Max L I am uploading a video now from yesterday I was playing in Horus Casino using the welcome offer they provide of %200 match bonus, I deposited 100 euro and started playing with 300euros I won on the new slot Wild West Gold about 500x win on a 1 euro bet and then on Honey Rush slot about 1600x on a 1 euro bet as well (will upload the video of this win later as well), but the sad thing is the terms of this bonus that you cant withdraw any winnings if its 5 times more than the amount of the bonus since its a wager free bonus so thats the terms of it so I ended up withdrawing only 1000 euro from the balance I had of about 2200 euro as 1000 euro was the max I am allowed to withdraw. I am still waiting the withdrawal process to finish. you can try it out but keep in mind if you ever used their welcome bonus that you cant withdraw any winnings that are more than 5 times the amount of the bonus you got.

    3. SlainCasino

      ​@Max L this one is JackpotCity Casino. they dont have that wide collection of slots though like all the new slot games are not available there and most of the popular providers are not available as well, you can check it out anyway. it was the first online casino I play in and also this win was one of my first wins and my second deposit ever in my life, it was a $200 deposit with a %100 match bonus as I remember.

    4. Max L

      @SlainCasino which casino is this? Am looking for another online casino

    5. SlainCasino

      thank you, if you ever win something just cash it out and dont continue playing and take a break for a while never do the same mistake I did, I lost all my winnings that time I kept winning till my balance reached 27k and I cashed out only 3k and lost the rest cuz I kept playing.

  4. DEWANGGA 1990

  5. Iftekhar Khan

    demo money player…shame on you…

    1. OZ Muzo

      @SlainCasino he clearly doesnt play to understand.

    2. SlainCasino

      @Iftekhar Khan
      Its real money not demo or practice money!! in demo money the balance in this slot will show as DEMO and the balance will show without having any currency next to the balance not as CREDITS! and you can clearly see that it says CREDITS and shows the currency in $ !

  6. Hat Hangers

    I love the music on this game. Great win!

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