Gta san andreasdaki kumarhane nerede

By | 30.11.2020

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111 thoughts on “Gta san andreasdaki kumarhane nerede

  1. Mikehuntisdry

    I tried getting into debt and somehow fluked a win

  2. Dev

    I should have known it was talcum powder 😩

  3. daggeric

    Well i found a program that generator money
    It totally changed my life 𝔾𝔼𝕋𝕄𝕆ℕℂ𝔸𝕊ℍ. ℂ𝕃𝕌𝔹

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  4. Sanchit Agarwal

    Look at that 25fps booty drop, that gets me😂😂😂😂

  5. Justin Wallace

    I didn’t know you could even go into debt

  6. Bama Boy

    They need to do another gta based in the same time period

  7. The Rudolph

    The joke was actually good ngl

  8. Alex Baker

    Legit skipped all the way to the end to actually see what would happen

  9. Yassine Boulfiham

    Is it coincides that on the take off road on the airport is 69?

  10. Abhay Sharma

    I quickly recover from my death at a local hospital. 😂😂😂

  11. SJB TV

    3:33 you mean you can keep the social distancing in tact? 🙂

  12. Nuke gaming

    why did you tell me mike was an undercover agent, u spoiled it for me

    1. Nuke gaming

      @AllenPlays 502 gta sa story is too long and i have not completed yet because i am too busy

    2. AllenPlays 502

      Cuz no one plays old games anymore just play gta 5 or something

  13. Kroki

    alternative title: CJ goes to college

  14. Ruckas

    Im so confused on what fucking game this is i dont remember there being no las Vegas in San andreas

  15. sinister skud

    i luv the commentary ;))

  16. Parikshit Prasai

    YouTube recommendations have been really kind to Modest Pelican. His videos titles have no chronological element but still YouTube figures out which video I should watch next so that I dont vomit because of too much chronological anomalies.

  17. SlipThot Official

    If youre gonna gamble, I recommend the horse gambling machines and bet most of your money on the last horse. Multiplies your money by 11 or 12

  18. Christian Walters

    dont say gods name in vain

  19. AlfaAddict

    This would be 100x better if you didnt try to be like Ozzy man reviews and instead just got to the content of the title.

  20. 96greenblast gunsmaster

    Shit am stuck at up up and away mission!

  21. Αλέξανδρος Κληρίδης

    4:15 Did he just say malakas?

  22. Stephen Mountenay-Henhawke

    Idea. The goons have so much cash because they just shook down other debtors

  23. The Beast

    When i did all of my preps for the heist,woozy called me if I had the code stolen from the gf but I hadn’t so my game glitched and I was never able to do the heist (all happened on gta sa mobile) and I got frustrated and deleted the game good 5£ spent

  24. James Duncan

    11:27 to find out what happens when CJ goes into $1M debt

  25. TSM Atmoz-G

    Keep our virginitis intact 😆😆😆😆

  26. addicted gamer

    Do you like xbox version? (remastered version )

  27. Axl Metcalf

    11:10 into the vid… skip the aids 👌🏻

  28. luk3.47b

    Do you think his parents watch his videos

  29. Sebastian Emanuel

    Wtf is this shit 😭😭😭

  30. CJ Too cool

    I’m 1M dollars in debt cus of you now😤

  31. Brawl with Dom

    i didnt know we could be in debt in gta sanandreas

  32. BKoficial

    Hey this was patched or it still works in real life?

  33. Alejandro

    this game kills cyberpunk ..

  34. Matthew Nameful

    11:35 for the video title

  35. MaKaBa65

    11:05 for those who fall for the Title… like me.

  36. The Irishpanic

    @2:05 I really hate that helicopter mission. I have failed it so many times. Such an shitty mission

  37. vj gta

    The big plane is a airbus a320 not a boieng 747

  38. Kenny McCormick

    You were so off point man

  39. Irfan mondal

    G T I san Andreas 😂😂😂😂

  40. 30KRulz

    Me: I’ve learnt many things from Gta SA, be a cop, taxi driver and firefighter
    Modest Pelican: I’m about to ruin this whole man’s career

  41. Hugo Alvarado

    Idk you could fall in debt let alone have a hit on you by the mob BEST GAME EVER

  42. TheLasagne

    did this game always look so shit.. remembered it a lot nicer

  43. brian r

    Casinos DO make you money unless youre trump

  44. Munib Ahmad

    Is this an update ver of gta sa? Half these things weren’t in the original one

  45. Biswajyoti Das

    ur small hp bar is weird

  46. pharm Kiksi

    .. alot of nonsenses…. go straight to the point…. I dont like the this shit…

  47. Ostkreutz Rox

    Took almost 12 minutes to get to the point. Narcissistic birdy

  48. Jorge Perez Zavala

    7:16 bruh destroyed every part of that ankle🚙

  49. soulassassin0g

    Ive actually gotten out of debt by gambling some more lol.

  50. Dylan Mcnabb

    Its not pre marital sex if you never get married

  51. CJ

    “Thanks but get off my dick. I’m not interested. You’re way too young.” Lmao

  52. Memesloo YT

    1:10 go to carnival rides you two🥶

  53. Nice Trix

    look at that 25 frames per second booty drop,that got me

  54. Sam Manning

    So far in the red I start warming to communist ideologies Im dead 😂😂😂

  55. Mohammad Sahil

    That communist ideology line cracked me up pretty good.
    11:33 it is yall 😂

  56. Zacariah Anderson

    You need to look at mongrel mob members from nz the nazi helmet and basketball hoodie is actually a thing

  57. Γιωργος Μποτσαλος

    Greek word malakas Im from Greece

  58. JOOKY

    I love older gta game but I can’t get into them

  59. Hit you Up

    Malakass😂 this word is known everywhere on the planet 🇬🇷

  60. Fahad A.

    My bff just abandoned me so i am here watching this to cheer up, ty my dude

  61. shadowangel

    Normal people : GTA
    Pelican : JTA

    1. Mii

      This video is the ultimate clickbait, i thought it was something new turns out its just the casino debt thing.

  62. Arthur the Kyogre

    Every time he says something its something hilarious ISTG

  63. marion

    Imagine if this gets remastered then who fucks gta 6 for real

  64. Thomas Borem

    wow another casino hiest

  65. benjamin blackbird

    For those who just wanted to see the debt part like me… it starts at 10:31… Dont thank me

  66. Jan Trafas

    11:35 is when he goes 1Mil into debt

  67. Daemonised One

    mafia goons come after him everytime that he steps foot in los venturas.

  68. Jeff Ren

    4:43 Immature? Yes
    Trendy? Yes
    Me: *Trivago*
    MP: **sike** Yes

  69. skippy4ble

    Right so this is a fucking 12min video stfu


    If you get to be the biggest YouTuber un Australia would you remember your OG fans

  71. Robin Zuko

    11:30 this is what happens …

  72. 1990Cornetto

    Murder them in creative and exciting ways 😂

  73. BannedForToxicity

    immature: yes
    trendy: yes
    Hotel: Trivago

  74. Randomninja47

    It takes 11 minutes to get to the title of the video. Jesus christ what a waste of time.


    randomly clicked this…. after that intro…. all the doubt and regret disappeared

  76. Koli

    what happens if cj goes to college

  77. Marcy2200

    You get people sent after you to kill you. Saved you 12 minutes.

  78. miguel delacruz

    No ones gonna talk about how that car flew @2:01?

  79. Modest Pelican

    Follow my twitter and instagram for more family friendly content


    1. Nic8585

      Your funny on the level of Robin Williams fluffy best of the best Kevin hart level plz do a mafia 2 video it would be ungodly hilarious

    2. Doubledekercouch - games & whatever -

      Modest Pelican Gaming modest pelican can I join the boys boys boys?

    3. Doubledekercouch - games & whatever -

      Modest Pelican Gaming modest pelican you dodgy Malacca, play fallout 76 with the stealtho bois and rule the wasteland to repopulate it with pelicans. You have a great chance to repopulate the world with pelicans due to human scarcity. Pls you dodgy malacca

    4. the legend killers shitty duffle bag person

      How about no its a way for the government to keep track of you. Dont you know that you piece of shit

  80. Yesho Jamir

    I know you went in the pirate ship for the katana😁

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